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Let me introduce myself I amRoberto Giunchiglia

Hello there, here I am a bit Photographer and a bit DeeJay. Gentlemen on one side and bad boy on the other... Definitely allergic to labels and clichés. I love to follow my passions, passions that led me over the years to experiment various fields, from the electronics field, to music, to photography.

I strongly believe that the trick to keep alive is to follow your interests with passion. My passions are traveling, getting in contact with people, and all of the different forms of art. This is the reason why I decided to combine my passions following opposite paths: being a DJ and a Photographer at the same time. Getting to experience different fields visual, auditory, engaging and introspective……. These are my "two faces". This is me.

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The many years passed that musically did not dampen the energy that allows me to always dare better than me in every context, transmitting and amplifying the vibration that is propagated by the music like a wave that transmits joy, fun, evokes memories and emotions. This is why I always try to make the most of every event, it always serves what distinguishes my style.
Photo by Roberto Giunchiglia
As Ansel Adams writes, "The absolute ease with which we can produce a banal image often leads to a total lack of creativity;" In fact anyone today, thanks to technology, is able to take photographs, capture moments or manipulate them, modify them and distribute them through social networks. For this reason the profession of photographer today must, in my opinion, find the right compromise between reproduction ...
Photo by Roberto Giunchiglia