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PHOTOGRAPHY: Great artists like Ansel Adams: "The absolute ease with which we can produce a banal image often leads to a total lack of


ELEGANCE, PASSION, ORIGINALITY, EXPERIENCE: the many years spent in music have not dampened the energy that allows me to always give ...


Hello there, here I am a bit Photographer and a bit DeeJay. Gentlemen on one side and bad boy on the other... Definitely allergic to labels and clichés. I love to follow my passions, passions that led me over the years to experiment various fields, from the electronics field, to music, to photography.

I strongly believe that the trick to keep alive is to follow your interests with passion. My passions are traveling, getting in contact with people, and all of the different forms of art. This is the reason why I decided to combine my passions following opposite paths: being a DJ and a Photographer at the same time. Getting to experience different fields visual, auditory, engaging and introspective……. These are my "two faces". This is me.

My career started in the early 1970s in Tirrenia, where my maternal grandfather, Roberto Trebbi, an energetic and creative man with undisputed histrionic skills, took over the Tennis Club Caminetto, a popular place in those years on the Tyrrhenian Coast.

My grandfather managed to create a small world from scratch, he created an enchanted place, where all the greatest performers of the Sixties and Seventies come to stage their shows. Names such as Johnny Halliday to Josephine Baker, from Mina to Ornella Vanoni to Patty Pravo, the Kessler twins, the Ricchi and Poveri, Milva, Gino Bramieri, Fred Bongusto, Nilla Pizzi, and then Lionel Hampton and the Italian groups: Rokes, Equipe 84, Camaleonti, Dik-Dik, Nomadi…...

Il Caminetto within few years turned out to be the place where to perform music.

The seventies are the years of disco music and DJ’s begin to "mix" the vinyls at the speed of 45 rpm. These are also the years of slow dancing, with dimmed lights and lots of romance connected to the music and performers. I have lots of nice memories connected to those years, starting from "Gioca Jouer" performed by Claudio Cecchetto and flanked by a young Gerry Scotti at the mixer, to the debuting of a young and extravagant Renato Zero who held me in his arms for a souvenir photo that I treasure as a big gift. As early as 13 years old I started mixing tracks to entertain the guests during the break of the main shows. My innate passion and congeniality quickly lead me to experiment outside the family environment: performing my music in private and small parties, and quickly becoming the side man of a famous DJs, that gave me the chance to get involved in exclusive parties and nightclubs, allowing me to develop technical skills and to proceed on with my passion, which continues today in the sphere of private parties in Italy and abroad.

In the meanwhile I developed a passion for photography, inherited from my mother Edi.

I started as a self-learner and got involved in some local collective exhibitions, to then decide to approach this fascinating world in a professional manner, working alongside with some colleagues known over the years, all the way up to my first private commission. One of these professionals is Marcello Fibbiani, with whom I immediately started working for some advertising campaigns up to the creation of the Duilio project together. With Duilio I entered the field of film photography as a follow-up to independent short films, up to the first major architectural photographic campaign for a publication by a local publisher. At last I experienced the world of industrial photography and started working on my own, in particular the world of professional kitchens such as Colged, Elettrobar, MBM, Apach. This world introduced me to the food environment and cooking schools, an experience that continues today and brings me great satisfaction.

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