Travel in music

Elegance passion originality experience

Travel in music

Elegance, passion, originality, experience: the many years I spent in the music field have helped me finding the energy that allows me to always try my best in every context, transmitting and amplifying the vibration that spreads from music like a wave full joy, fun and evokes memories and emotions. This is why I always try to make the most out of every event, always maintaining what distinguishes my style.I am open to all music fields, my repertoire ranges from Jazz to the Contemporary Hits; the music selection is created and based on the environment and specific needs of the client and its guests, with the creation of personalized playlists.

Recently, I started looking at the world of music production, looking for new styles, ideas, contaminations of different genres.

The Music I play:

Acid jazz; Blues; Chemical Beat; Country; Crossover; Deep; Dark; Funky; Grunge; Hard Core; House; Trance; Hard Rock; Hip-Hop; Jazz; Jungle / Drumm 'n' bass; Metal; Classica; Dance; New-Wave; Noise; Pop; Progressive; Punk Rock; Revival; Rock'n'roll; SKA; Thrash; Underground..


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